Site Hoarding and Fencing

Will you provide a site hoarding or a fence - if so we can design it for you

Site hoardings are used to create a safety zone between construction activities and the general public.  They should not be confused with fencing or environmental barriers, however, frequently similar components tend to be used.

Hoardings can be used for advertising by Clients and Contractors as they are a useful space in a prime location around the construction site.  However, they are not sign boards and should not be used as such without specific design consideration by the hoarding designer.


Typically the design of the hoarding is the responsibility of the Principal Contractor, however, this is often subcontracted to another party. 

CVM are experienced designers of site hoardings and offer this service to both Cleints and Contractors.  Whatever the site conditions CVM are able to review available site wind exposure and ground conditions to develop a design that is cost effective but most importantly provides a safe structure between construction activity and the general public.


There is sepcific data required to ensure that the design of a hoarding is both safe and cost effective please call or email to discuss your specific site requirements.