Temporary Propping

Support to existing walls to enable steel beams and lintels to be safely installed

The majority of structural alterations will include the removal of a load bearing wall or other support.


In order to safely replace the load bearing wall with a steel beam or concrete lintel there will always be a requirement for temporary support.


Local openings within the load bearing walls will be made to enable temporary support beams (needles) usually steel or timber as designed by the structural engineer which will then be suppoted on steelwork posts (props ususally of the acrow type)  this then enables the wall to be supported above the required opening enabling safe demolition of the wall to take place. 


CVM have both Chartered structural engineers who have specialist experience in the design of Temporary works including needle and propping which enables us to provide safe solutions to both your permanent and temporary works challenges.

The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 place specific emphasis on the consideration of how a structure will be constructed and what temporary works would be required to ensure that safe construction is considered throughout.  CVM Consulting are uniquely positioned to be able to offer this service.

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