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What Not to Do !

Stanhope Avenue, Finchley

The images above illustrate the collapse of an existing structure in Stanhope Avenue, Finchley which collapsed during construction.


The construction of a basement by the owners of the ground floor apartment resulted in the collapse of both their and the owners of the first floor apartments homes.


It is understood that the collapse was caused by inadequate temporary works being provided to support the structure during the construction of the basement.


CVM Structural Engineers Ltd will assign a dedicated Chartered Structural Engineer to your development who can provide designs for temporary works to help ensure that all works are undertaken in a manner that won't undermine the stability of your development.


Inadequate Propping

As can be seen from the photograph above the entire rear elevation of the property has been removed to facilitate the construction of a new large extension to create a much larger development.


This inadequate temporary works used on this project were quickly corrected  by the Engineer and the development was continued, however, if this had not been inspected and addressed the entire property could have collapsed causing an end to the development.


CVM Structural Engineers Ltd are experienced designers of temporary works who have previously worked within specialised temporary works  departments for large Contractors and can provide solutions to the temporary stability of your property whilst construction works are being undertaken. 

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